Spada SpA has developed a customized application software aimed at rationalizing information related to each phase of the survey, elaborating a specific procedure for the very best administrative performance of the SW platform shared by the loss adjuster, the company, appointers and customers according to their specific needs.

Exemplification of the SW use stages:

  • notification of loss and first data entry;
  • loss adjuster’s immediate intervention; the expert is chosen according to his/her specialization and line of business (insurance branch);
  • all documentation necessary is forwarded to the loss adjuster;
  • computer based claim handling aimed at optimizing time and costs;
  • integrated information handling on visible and traceable platform both for the Company and Clients.

Software represents an efficient statistic elaboration device:

  • of data collected – in its objective consistence for quantity/quality auditing of the work carried out
  • of the professional results of each individual – for the constant monitoring of the efficiency of human resources used in each individual case.

The applicative also allows:

  • Traceability of the entire process – each management phase is controlled in real time, through the use of a simple remote access (via web) to the Reserved Customer Area (dual level of approval/maximum safety for data protection) with levels of visibilità customized according to customer requirements.
  • Simplified controls – the high level of transparency of the system allows for all controls to be carried out by the Insurance Company that may intervene on information asset organised and rationalised according to modern audit logics of the process.

Mobil Unit

The operative task force of Spada a special vehicle, fitted out to carry devices and experts straight to the site of loss.

Thanks to a direct link with our main Office, it is highly useful for complex claims and post – catastrophic events; it ensures specific and professional intervention and represents an operative base on site.

Video Survey

With this service Spada SpA carries out the appraisal via video call with an app guiding the damaged in the video recording of the accident.

The advantages are represented by the reduction of the time required to manage the appraisal, the rationalization of the access procedures in the places where the damage occurred and the guarantee of a constant telephone operativity.

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